• My new husband and I had Heather take the photos for my bridal shower, wedding rehearsal and of course, the wedding itself. Although she doesn’t have much professional experience, she did an amazing job. She was given a limited space to take photos (due to the rain during and after the ceremony) and she did an excellent job with what she had. I personally like the candid photos she takes. I’ve never been one for corny smile, and fake poses. Most of my favorite pictures are the ones in which she’s captured magical, or funny moments that actually took place. Those are the times I want to remember and I know because of the excellent job Heather did, I will be able to carry those memories with me for a life time.
  • I was very happy with the photos Heather took of my family. She had many poses in mind and was very creative. Dealing with two little ones can be difficult but, she was very helpful and kept them occupied with different poses and props. The variety of photos to choose from was also great. She has taken our photos on multiple occasions and we will definitely use her again! Thanks Heather!
  • My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Heather Euteneuer as our photographer on our wedding day. As a bride, I had researched quite a few photographers to find one to meet the desires and feelings my husband and I had in mind for our wedding photos. Heather’s unique portfolio drew us to her immediately, along with her affordability and flexibility with hours. On our wedding day, Heather was prompt and creative. Even working without a list of required photos, she was able to think of wonderfully original and unique photos to take. She was extremely friendly and courteous, and she helped to develop imaginative picture ideas based on random wedding party suggestions. I think I was most impressed with her ability to capture beautiful and meaningful moments without the knowledge of any of the subjects. There were many pictures I was unaware were taken until I received the DVD of pictures from Heather, which was an added surprise. I strongly recommend Heather for any event, as she is able to take posed, candid, or any other types of photos required.
  • Heather did family pictures for a gift for my parents for Christmas. She made things work out great, even with 5 people and 4 dogs. She had a lot of different poses in mind and picked a great location. We got to do a huge variety of things that made it fun and easy for everyone. I was very pleased with her work and my mom cried when I gave her the pictures! Thanks so much Heather, we’ll be contacting you again soon! 🙂 – Katie Moehlmann & Family
  • Heather came and took beautiful pictures at our wedding! She had an excellent eye for capturing moments that I can cherish for a lifetime. The time she must have spent perfecting and editing each picture takes talent and dedication. We were extremely pleased with the outcomes of our pictures and affordable price to top it off! The look, smiles and love she captures is truly priceless.